Ampetronic CLS2 Induction Loop Driver

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The Ampetronic CLS2 is the second unit in a series of induction loop drivers aimed at the demands of the electrical and audio-visual contractor.

Designed for simple discreet installation, the CLS2 is the most capable driver in its class. The amplifier is very compact, yet the most powerful unit available designed specifically for wall mounting. All connections and controls are secured behind a tamper resistant, hinged, detachable cover. Combined with its small size, the range of mounting and cabling options ensure that installation is convenient and tidy in any environment. Input options are extensive, with four independent inputs for balanced microphone, balanced and unbalanced line, low impedance and 100V – line speaker systems, plus priority alarm, doorbell or telephone connections.

Backed by Ampetronic’s standard 5 year warranty and comprehensive support services, the CLS2 is truly fit and forget.


  • Quick and simple to install

  • Area coverage to >400m2

  • Highest power loop driver in class

  • 4 Independent configurable inputs

  • Wall mounted

  • Metal Loss Correction

  • 5 Year warranty

  • Cabling and controls behind tamper resistant cover

  • 2 Priority alarm inputs

  • Free Technical support

Applications include

  • Community centres

  • Board rooms

  • Churches & places of worship

  • Interview rooms

  • Meeting rooms

  • Classrooms

The CLS2 enclosure is designed for simple, permanent installation, with secure lid protecting connections and controls, while leaving operation indicators visible. The case is designed to make access simple, and to ensure the amplifier can be installed in the most constrained spaces.


Designed for vertical panel mounting using 4 screws (6 holes provided). Template for screw placements provided. The CLS2 is compact enough to fit on a 1U rack tray with feet removed.

Enclosure access

Hinged lid, secured by 2 Phillips PH2 screws. Lid can be removed completely if required, for ease of access, or if there is no room to hinge the lid forwards.

Cable routing

Knock-outs (diameter 20mm) are provided for routing cables into the enclosure. 2 on the top edge, 4 on the rear face, 4 on the bottom edge, providing excellent installation flexibility.

Cable connections

All input cable connections are made with screw terminals mounted on one side of the PCB. Mains power connections are made to a chassis mounted screw terminal block. Loop connection is made to a screw terminal pair mounted on the PCB. Cable connections are illustrated on a detailed label on the case interior.


3 LED indicators are visible with the case open or closed:

  • AGC Amber LED lit when input signal is activating the automatic gain control
  • Current Green LED lit when current is running in the loop
  • Power Green LED lit when the unit has power


Five controls are located to be accessed only with the lid open, all screwdriver adjustable.

  • Level controls for inputs 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Metal loss correction
  • Loop drive current


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