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The Fohhn® AT-201 is both a sound and flexibility specialist. Extremely effective with compact dimensions, it can be used as a main sound system in locations with a complex architectural layout to replace large speakers.

This versatile, well-designed two-way speakersystem includes a powerful 10 inch cone speaker and a high-quality 1 inch driver. The big CD horn can be rotated 90°. The speakers are time-aligned and guarantee phase-optimized sound dispersion. A crossover with electronic high-frequency protection circuit is also integrated. The multiply birch wood housing is reinforced on the inside with steel brackets. 9x M8 and 2x M6 threaded inserts guarantee safe speaker and bracket installation in accordance with all current regulations. The AT-201 can be combined with subwoofers AS-20/ASP-20, AS-30/ASP-30 and AS-40.

Connector panel:
In low-impedance and 100V applications, the connector panel leaves nothing to be desired. An 8-way Phoenix terminal strip with accompanying connector is available. If the terminal strip is used, the complete connecting panel can be covered so that only a single cable is visible. All connections to the 100V transformer are routed via the terminal strip and the two Speakon sockets.

Conference and training rooms, sport and multifunctional halls, theatres, musicals, theme parks, discos, small stadiums and similar venues.

Weatherproof version optional:
Wooden Housing, special weatherproof plastic coating, impregnated speakers, design and dimensions unchanged.


electro-acoustical features
acoustic design passive loudspeaker, 2-way, bass reflex
components [*] 10“ / 1“ on rotatable CD-horn, with self-resetting IPC[*]-HF protection
power rating (nominal) [1] 300 W
power rating (program) [2] 600 W
power rating (peak) [3] 1200 W
sensitivity [4] 97 dB
maximum SPL [3] 127 dB
frequency range [5] 55 Hz ? 20 kHz
nominal dispersion (h x v) [6] 90° x 60° or 60° x 40°
nominal impedance 8 ohms
enclosure birch plywood cabinet, metal strengthened
protection grille ball impact resistant metal, powder coated finish
rigging points 9x M8 and 2x M6 thread
connections 8-pole Phoenix connector
standard colours textured finish black or white
frontal design acoustic foam in enclosure colour
dimensions (W x H x D) 330 x 510 x 300 mm
weight [7] 14,5 kg
optional features
integrated 100 V-transformer 60/30/15 W or 120/60/30 W or 240/120/60 W
optional colours all RAL-colours
weather protection scratch-proof plastic coating, impregnated speaker membranes
CAAD simulation data EASE
[1] according to IEC-60268-5 long term
[2] according to IEC-60268-5 short term
[3] Peak, 20 ms with bandpass filtered pink noise signal according to IEC 60268-2 at one octave above the lower limit of the frequency range.
[4] 2,83 V at 8 ohms (2 V at 4 ohms, 4 V at 16 ohms) at a distance of 1 meter under anechoic fullspace conditions
[5] -10 dB under anechoic halfspace-conditions
[6] horizontal x vertical at -6 dB, rotatable horn
[7] net weight without optional equipment
[*] Intelligent Protection Circuit. Voltage-controlled semiconductor circuit protecting the HF-driver against overload highly effective and with very short attack time.

Extra informatie

Gewicht14,20 kg
Openingshoek Horizontaal90° x 60°
SPL Peak127 dB
Constructie MateriaalBerken multiplex
BxDxH in cm33 x 30 x 51
Verkrijgbare KleurenZwart
In RAL Kleur te BestellenJa
Belastbaarheid cont RMS300 W
Belastbaarheid Peak1200 W
SPL 1W 1m97 dB
Frequency Respons55 Hz - 20 kHz
Driverformaat High1"