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The Fohhn ® AT-35 is like its smaller brother the AT-30, very versatile and designed for medium distances. It has however, a considerably greater output capacity (500W) and generates a significantly higher sound pressure level.

The AT-35 is equipped with the latest generation of 12?/1? Neodymium speakers. The AT-35 is both very lightweight and extremely powerful thanks to Neodym technology. It can be installed in a vertical or horizontal position and the CD horn can be rotated 90 °. The speakers are time-aligned. A precision-made crossover with electronic high-frequency protection circuit is also integrated. The multiply birch wood housing is reinforced with steel brackets and equipped with 9x M8 and 3x M6 threaded inserts for safe installation in accordance with all current regulations. The AT-35 can be combined with subwoofers AS-30/ASP-30 and AS-40.

>Connector panel<
In low-impedance and 100V applications, the connector panel leaves nothing to be desired. 2 Speakon sockets and an 8-way Phoenix terminal strip with accompanying connector are available. If the terminal strip is used, the complete connecting panel can be covered so that only a single cable is visible. All connections to the 100V transformer are routed via the terminal strip and the two Speakon sockets.

Sport halls and arenas, multi-functional halls, theatres, musicals, theme parks, discos, clubs and similar venues.

>Weatherproof version (optional)<
Wooden Housing, special weatherproof plastic coating, impregnated speakers, design and dimensions unchanged.

Extra informatie

Gewicht20,40 kg
Openingshoek Horizontaal60° x 40°
SPL Peak130 dB
Constructie MateriaalBerken multiplex
BxDxH in cm38 x 41 x 58,5
Verkrijgbare KleurenWit
In RAL Kleur te BestellenJa
Bijzonderheden90°-rotatable horn
Belastbaarheid cont RMS500 W
Belastbaarheid Peak2000 W
SPL 1W 1m99 dB
Frequency Respons45 Hz - 20 kHz
Driverformaat High1"