Headset-Microfoon Cyclemic P3 Multi Mic (TA3f) voor Fitness Audio/Samson/AKG

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TheCyclemicnow with a Carbon Collar is the “best bet to beat sweat” headmic for Cycling SpinInstructors.
2 Year Sweat Death Warranty – 7 classes a day, 7 days a week!
Triple Capsule protection system
Hand made in Australia
All steel cable and a sweat protected connector
Can be wired to suit most brand transmitters, including Fitness Audio & Shure

The Cyclemic is reshaped and finished with a J curve to drain sweat away from the frame, giving greater reliability for some of the sweatiest instructors on the planet Cycling Class Instructors!
This is because, as a no impact class, they tend to keep their heads in a fixed, leaning forward position and dont have the freedom of other group fitness program Instructors to move about and aerate the mic capsule as they teach.
Its the same price, the same great Aeromic build quality and its covered by our conditional Two Year No Sweat Warranty unheard of with other brand headworn mics.
Introducing the Cyclemic LS Series- now with a Carbon Collar!
They use a new Low-Sensitivity capsule protected by double mesh and our Carbon Collar.
The Carbon Collar is acoustically transparent and protects the mesh in front of the capsule from getting clogged or wet with spit or sweat.
Note* This new Multi Mic version will function on both Samson and AKG connections.
If you are buying or supplying a brand new Cyclemic/Fitness Audio wireless package then theres no need to turn the transmitter input gain down leave it at full and get the benefit of greater dynamic range handling.

The CM11LS will deliver more voice loudness before feedback starts and is more compatible with bodypacks from other major brands.
When using with Digital Processors it makes it easier to control and shape the sound in a fitness studio, so everyone’s a winner with an LS mic!
Other exclusive features include the PhatFrame that adds extra strength to the one-piece frame that’s easily moulded to a firm fit for a wide range of head shapes and sizes, an all-steel cable and four layers of sweat defence at the connector.
Its the next best thing to indestructible!
Every Aeromic & Cyclemic headset is hand-made in Australia by The Aeromic Team, and is the only mic we know of thats guaranteed for two years* against sweat damage, even if its used for up to 7 classes a day, 7 days a week*

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Verkrijgbare KleurenOranje/zwart
Audio ConnectorMini XLR-3 (TA3F)


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