KLICK+SHOW HDMI transmitter K-40/K-FX

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KLICK+SHOW HDMI Transmitter K-40/K-FX
The KLICK&SHOW HDMI transmitter allows you to use KLICK&SHOW without any software or drivers. Connected to the HDMI output of a playback device, the transmitter works like an external screen via Plug & Play. The USB connection is used for power supply, a USB 2.0 connection (5V/500mA) is sufficient. Thus, for example, visualisers or similar devices can be transmitted wirelessly. Under Windows, MacOS, Linux and ChromeOS, the transmitter supports touchback, i.e. the computer can be controlled remotely via the touch screen, which must be connected to the base.
> Compatible with K-FX and K-4x base > Connectors: HDMI, USB 2.0 Type A (both connectors) > Optional mirroring of primary or extended laptop desktop (computer) > Touching the dongle activates it as an active source, a slight vibration acknowledges operation > High performance and low latency of ~100 ms > Supports Wifi in 2.4 and 5 GHz band.
The KLICK & SHOW TOUCH-H HDMI transmitter enables a completely software- and driver-free use of KLICK & SHOW.

Connected to the HDMI output of a playback device, the dongle functions like an external monitor through Plug & Play. The USB connection provides the necessary power supply; a USB 2.0 connection with 5V/500mA is sufficient, so that the function is also given, for example, on visualisers or similar devices without a USB 3.0 port. On a computer with Windows or MacOS, this also enables the “touchback” function, i.e. the computer can be operated remotely via a touchscreen connected to the base.

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