KLICK+SHOW USB-C dongle (K-40/K-FX)

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Dongle (K-40/K-FX)
The KLICK&SHOW USB-C transmitter allows you to use KLICK&SHOW without any software or drivers. Connected to the USB-C port of a computer, tablet or smartphone, the transmitter works like an external screen via Plug & Play. Power is also supplied via the USB-C interface. Under Windows, MacOS, Linux and ChromeOS, the transmitter supports touchback, i.e. the computer can be controlled remotely via a touchscreen connected to the base. Important: The USB-C connection must support DisplayPort Alternate Mode (DPAlt Mode)!
> Compatible with K-FX and K-4x base > Connectors: USB-C (male) > Optional mirroring of primary or extended desktop (computer) > Touching the dongle activates it as an active source, a slight vibration acknowledges the operation > Wireless transmission up to 1080p60 > High performance and low latency of ~100 ms > Supports Wifi in the 2.4 and 5 GHz band

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