New: Single 18″, Powered Floor Subwoofer, ClassD, SMPS, DSP, 2800W.

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The SW18AV2 is a compact and powerful subwoofer that provides extended low frequency response for specific models in the ED series of high performance point source loudspeakers.
The 18” low frequency driver is a high power transducer equipped with a moisture resistant glass fibre reinforced cone. The double centering spider ensures that the 4” voice coil always remains centered in the magnetic gap even under high excursion conditions. The 15mm phenolic birch plywood cabinet is provided with a 35mm pole mount socket to allow two-way ED series loudspeakers to be mounted above on standard speaker poles. Recessed handles are provided for easy lifting and handing, and the included polyurethane wheels aid transportation, while stacking feet and matching recesses enable secure ground stacks.
SW18AV2 represents the evolution of SW18A, with which it maintains full electroacoustic and mechanical compatibility.
The system processing is based on the CORE2 DSP platform designed by the PROEL R&D Laboratories using one of the most advanced SHARC DSP for audio application. It features 40bit floating point resolution and top quality 24bit AD/DA converters for perfect signal integrity, dynamic range in excess of 110dB, and superior sonic performance. Thanks to its massive processing power, the CORE2 platform is capable of providing the most sophisticated algorithms for speaker processing, together with remote control and networking capability.
The PRONET AX control software, working on a solid and reliable CANBUS based network protocol, provides an intuitive interface for the remote control of the whole system, with the possibility of EQing, delaying, managing the protection functions, and monitoring the status of the amplifier.
The SW18AV2 is powered by a new generation of CLASS D power amplifiers with digitally-controlled SMPS and latest generation single-stage PFC. The innovative technology used for these amplifiers offers performances at the top of the range, such as a superior sound definition at any audio frequency, very high dynamics also for low level signals and very low distortion even at the maximum power. The superior sound quality can be compared with top-of-the-range AB-class analog systems, while the SW18AV2 power modules feature a higher dynamics, very compact size and light weight and efficiency above 90%.
The power module employed for powering the SW18AV2 delivers in an ultra-compact package a total power of 2800W to the LF driver. Such a large reserve of power means that the amplifier can handle very high voltage peaks, resulting in an impressive dynamic performance.
  • Compact powered subwoofer
  • 40 bit floating point CORE2 processing with PRONET AX remote control
  • Digitally controlled Class D amplifier module with SMPS and PFC
  • 18” woofer, 4” voice coil
  • Water repellant cone
  • Heavy duty wheels
  • Pole mount socket

Extra informatie

Gewicht46,00 kg
SPL Peak132 dB
Constructie MateriaalBerken multiplex
Power ConnectorPowerCon True1 NAC3MPX
BxDxH in cm65 x 56,4 x 50
Constr Materiaal Specifiek 15mm, reinforced phenolic birch
Verkrijgbare KleurenZwart
BijzonderhedenProNet AX
Audio ConnectorXLR
Amp Module Vermogen2000 W
Frequency Respons36 Hz - 100 Hz (Processed)