Unite RP-T (EU)

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The compact Unite RP-T bodypack receiver has the exact same features as the Unite RP with a OLED display, a 3.5mm mini jack connection, USB type C for audio, integrated Li-Ion battery, and included belt clip and removable neck strap.

What differentiates it is its integrated microphone and talkback button. It can then be used with a headset. The talkback function of the receiver allows the person to ask questions (e.g. to a guide) and establish a dialogue within one group.

The receiver meets the requirements for accessibility due to raised symbols on the control buttons and braille on the talkback button.

All devices are supplied with a predefined group ID and fixed audio encryption allowing quick and easy setup. You will need to establish a pairing if you require several device groups or secure audio transmission that cannot be intercepted by another group using Unite devices.

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