Wireless Audio Receiver SDR5116 U-series ontv. 630mHz incl 19″ accessoires.

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General Features
  • 16 factory preset user-selectable UHF frequencies.
  • Advanced microprocessor control, excellent RF design with improved signal performance for interference free multi-channel operation.
  • More than 8 channels can be operated simultaneously within a selected 20MHz bandwidth.
  • Diversity design for high sensitivity, high selectivity, and high image/spurious rejections.
  • 7-segment LED display on the receiver shows selected frequency.
  • Antennas can be either rear or front mounted.
  • Anti-interference Pilotone control and RF noise squelch circuitries.
  • RF & AF LED indicators.
  • Balanced (XLR)*1 / unbalanced (F6.3mm)*1 audio outputs.
  • Half-rack metal chassis, mountable with optional mount kit. (MP-90 for 1 unit, MP-92 for 2 units)
  • Matching transmitters: SQ-5016/SQ-1016V/SQ-1016, SM-5016/SM-1016/SM-716

Extra informatie

Constructie MateriaalKunststof
BxDxH in cm20 x 15 x 4,4
Verkrijgbare KleurenZwart
Hoogte Eenheden HE1
Beugels InbegrepenJa
Draadloze OntvangerJa
Zend Frequentie630 mHz, 16kan, 20mHz
Externe Antenne AansluitingJa
Aantal Simultaan Systemen8