12″ Passive, Full-Range CONSTANT CURVATURE Array Element 1360W Prgm Power HF 1,4″ (2,5″ VC)

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12 (305mm), 2-way, full-range, Constant Curvature Array Element

AX1012P is a versatile constant curvature full-range element that can be used to create both vertical and horizontal line source arrays and also as a high-directivity point-source loudspeaker.

Constant Curvature Array Element
12 woofer,1.4 HF neodymium compression driver
Constant curvature Seamless Transition Waveguide (SWT) with 100° H x 20° V dispersion
Integral suspension hardware for horizontal or vertical array installation
Pole mounting available for free-standing applications

The 1.4 high frequency compression driver is coupled to a constant curvature precision waveguide, which ensures a precise control of mid-high frequencies both on horizontal and vertical axis, for a perfect acoustic coupling between the enclosures that form the array. The unique waveguide design produces vertical line source directivity with a horizontal pattern that is maintained down to approximately 950Hz. This allows to project clean music and vocals evenly around the audience without hot-spots and dead-spots. The sharp SPL off-axis rejection is used to avoid reflecting surfaces in the enclosure coupling plane and perfectly adjusts the acoustic coverage to the audience geometry. The system designer or sound engineer can build true line source horizontal or vertical arrays in 20° building blocks with seamless integration between cabinets.
The tour-grade 15mm phenolic birch plywood cabinet is provided with four integrated steels rails, to be used for coupling the cabinets with the provided aluminium coupling bars. A comprehensive set of accessories is available for creating horizontal or vertical arrays, for ground-stacking the systems and also for pole mounting one or two units.
To extend the systems low frequency response the AX1012P can be complemented by sub-woofers from the Axiom SW series such as SW18P.
AX1012P is recommended for Indoor FOH (Left Centre – Right systems), Medium-sized outdoor events or as a fill complement to large Systems, Out-fills, In-fills or distributed fill applications in a wide range of venue.

Sound reinforcement in small-to-mediumsize live venues.
Sidefill, Outfill or Infill applications
Delay systems in stadia and arenas
Corporate & A/V
Theme parks
Houses of Worship
Leisure and Fitness

Extra informatie

Gewicht35,00 kg
Openingshoek Horizontaal100°
SPL Peak134 dB
Constructie MateriaalBerken multiplex
BxDxH in cm24,6 x 50 x 61,1
Constr Materiaal Specifiek15mm, reinforced phenolic birch
Verkrijgbare KleurenZwart
Audio ConnectorNL4MP
Belastbaarheid cont RMS600W + 75W
Belastbaarheid Peak1200W + 150W
Openingshoek Verticaal20°
SPL 1W 1m101 dB (LF) - 106 dB (HF)
Frequency Respons65 Hz – 17 kHz
Driverformaat High1,4"