Fitness Audio U-series SDR5616 19″ontv. 630mHz. Rotary Dial, without display.

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To match the new transmitter there is the new look receiver, based on the Fitness Audio SDR5716 All the good specs are transferred from the old SDR5716 the extra added rack mount wings are in the box that will take front mounted antennas (cables supplied) and an Amphesound XLR-F to 6.35mm Balanced Cable. So it can be rack mounted out of the box and sounds the best the mic can be with the cable included, so no extra cost to get it into a rack.

Extra informatie

Gewicht2,00 kg
Constructie MateriaalMetaal
BxDxH in cm20 x 15 x 4,4
Constr Materiaal SpecifiekKunststof front
Verkrijgbare KleurenZwart
Hoogte Eenheden HE1
Beugels InbegrepenJa
Draadloze OntvangerJa
Zend Frequentie630-648 mHz
Externe Antenne AansluitingJa
Aantal Simultaan Systemen8