FS-110 Focus Slim Active white

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FS-110 is an extra slim, active line source speaker with Fohhn Beam Steering Technology. This allows the control of the sound beam by turning the mouse wheel. The Focus Slim series makes this world-renowned Fohhn technology attractive for smaller and more price-sensitive projects. Thanks to the crystal-clear speech transmission, the systems are ideal for high class conference rooms, lecture halls and small to medium sized churches.

Main features

8 × 2.5″ broadband chassis with coaxial Fohhn diffraction waveguides
8 integrated Fohhn DSP amplifiers with 75 W each
117 dB max. SPL
Integrated bass reflex system
Very wide horizontal dispersion of 140°
Vertical dispersion controllable in real time via Fohhn Audio Soft
Vertical beam width: 0° to 90°, sound inclination angle: -40° to +40° (adjusted in 0.1° increments)
Acoustic centre displaceable over entire line length
Fohhn Two Beam Technology (two independent dispersion beams)
Fohhn Side Lobe Free Technology (suppression of side lobes)
With analog inputs + Dante
Q-Sys and Crestron plug-ins available
Flexible mounting thanks to T-slot on th]e rear
Only 8.5 cm wide

Extra informatie

Gewicht5,80 kg
Openingshoek Horizontaal140°
SPL Peak117 dB
Constructie MateriaalAluminium
BxDxH in cm8.5 × 9 × 110
Constr Materiaal SpecifiekSteel grille
Verkrijgbare KleurenZwart-0987654
Amp Module Vermogen8 × 75 W
Openingshoek Verticaal0° to +90° in 0.1° increments
Verticale Afbuiging-40° to +40° in 0.1° increments
Frequency Respons62 Hz – 17 kHz
Luidsprekerformaat Mid8x2,5"