LX-220 Linea black

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De nieuwste en tevens grootste luidspreker uit de Fohhn LX serie.

De LX-220 is uniek in meerdere opzichten. Met de ononderbroken reeks van 18x 4″ long excursion luidsprekers heeft de LX-220 een optimale line array werking. Het hoogwaardige 4weg filter zorgt voor een zeer gelijkmatige frequentie afstraling met een zeer evenwichtig klankbeeld. Speciaal voor de LX-220 is de Fohhn-Waveguide met 3×1″CD ontwikkeld. Door de ongekende verticale bundeling van 15° wordt een hoge STI verkregen op grote afstand.

The Main Facts at a Glance:

  • High performance 2-way hybrid line source / mini line array system
  • Long reach and excellent speech intelligibility
  • State-of-the-art loudspeaker technology: 18 x 4” neodymium long excursions chassis and 3 x 1” compression drivers with specially developed waveform
  • Sophisticated multi-zone crossover points with electronic IPC high frequency protection
  • Excellent sound quality for both speech and live music
  • Very even, controlled sound coverage with high resistance to feedback
  • Weatherproof aluminium housing
  • Elegant design, perfect integration into room architecture

Peak Performance Power
Linea LX-220 is an extremely high performance, hybrid line source system incorporating state-of-the-art 2-way speaker technology. It combines innovative line array technology with elegant design. The system was specially developed to provide the best possible sound quality for speech and live music applications in challenging acoustic environments, as well as enabling effective integration into architectural surroundings.
18 x 4” high performance speakers arranged in a column, plus three 1” compression drivers with horn loaded Fohhn Waveguide system, produce a very direct, cylindrical beam characteristic. At the heart of these cylindrical waveforms, the sound pressure level remains much more constant over distance compared with conventional loudspeakers. This has a very positive effect on the overall sound coverage. What’s more, the sound reaches the audience more directly than with other conventional systems. Unwanted reflections from the ceiling or floor can be avoided, which greatly improves speech intelligibility especially in reverberant rooms. Using the LX-220, complex microphone set-ups can also be quickly and easily implemented. The inclusion of high quality aluminium housing and laminated speakers enables the unit to be used outside. For live applications, the LX-220 can be combined with Fohhn AS-22, AS-31, AS-40 or XS-22, XS-30 and XS-4 subwoofers.
Applications Ideal for fixed installation in churches, cathedrals, universities, conference rooms, halls, open air events etc.





Extra informatie

Gewicht17,00 kg
Openingshoek Horizontaal130°
SPL Peak131 dB
Constructie MateriaalAluminium
BxDxH in cm13x12x220
Constr Materiaal SpecifiekWeatherproof Aluminium
Verkrijgbare KleurenZwart
BijzonderhedenLeverbaar in RAL tegen maaerprijs
IP RatingWeatherproof
Audio Connector8 pol Phoenix terminal
Belastbaarheid cont RMS900 W
Belastbaarheid Peak3600 W
Openingshoek Verticaal15°
SPL 1W 1m96 dB
Frequency Respons65 Hz - 20 kHz
Driverformaat High3x1"