ListenIR 1-Channel Transmitter

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The heart of the Listen Technologies ListenIR system is the LT-82 single-channel transmitter. Capable of operating in either mono or stereo modes, the LT-82 transmits your audio signal to and provides DC power for one or more LA-140 infrared radiator/emitter units through a standard CAT-5 cable. Plus, units can be combined to offer up to four (4) channels of mono or stereo audio for expanded applications.

Easy to install and backed by a limited lifetime warranty, the LT-82 transmitter is an ideal infrared transmitter for a wide range of assistive listening needs, including theaters, houses of worship, language interpretation, and more.


One (1) LT-82 ListenIR 1-Channel Transmitter
One (1) LA-205 30 VDC Extension/Replacement Power Supply for LA-140/LT-82
One (1) LA-89 Interconnection Coaxial Cable
One (1) Quick Reference Card


  • Expandable and affordable transmitter unit for infrared assistive listening systems
  • Provides DC power for up to two (2) LA-140 radiator/emitter units via standard CAT-5 cabling
  • Audio signal is provided to the LA-140 radiator/emitter units via RG-58 coaxial cable
  • Transmits up to four (4) channels or mono or stereo audio (one channel per LT-82 unit)
  • Crystal-clear and secure audio performance for venues, houses of worship, meetings, conference rooms, and more
  • Backed by Listen Technologies’ industry-leading support and limited lifetime warranty

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